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Why We Love Performance Fishing Apparel

One of the most popular categories we've had since 2018 is the performance line.  Our collection of performance hoodies, shirts, and long sleeves have quickly become a favorite for anglers of all types.  Here at CFC, we've got a reason behind everything we do.  It's our mission to provide gear you can use while enjoying this passion we call fishing.  Our fishing apparel has a purpose.  Whether you're fly fishing rivers and streams, off shore, coastal, or out on the Great Lakes, this performance gear is for you. Here's why we love the performance line.

1. UV protection

Ideally, we are talking long sleeve and hoodies here.  Your entire upper body is covered.  Our performance fishing hoodies & long sleeves cover your skin protecting it from harmful UV light.  Honestly, sunburn sucks, especially as we get older.  I used to fish all day shirtless on Lake Erie, I've learned my lesson.  Now I don't head out without a sun shirt and keep and extra one on the boat.  

2. Moisture Wicking

Most of us fish in pretty humid environments.  Whether it be down in the Gulf, up in the Great Lakes, or many of the rivers and streams across the country.  Warm weather and water make humidity.  As many dads across America will say "it's not the heat that gets you, it's the humidity".  It's important to have a shirt that pulls that moisture out from your body and evaporates it.  It keeps you cool and dry as humanly possible.  

3. Bugs Suck

Mosquitos, flies, and whatever else is out there.  They are irritating at times and can really put a damper on that fishing trip.  An added bonus to our fishing performance apparel is bug protection.  They can't bite what they can't get to, in theory.  I've spent a lot of time up on Drummond Island fishing Lake Huron.  The shallow weedy bays and waterways between islands was a breeding ground for mosquitos and flies.  Same with those damn sand flies on the coast, mainly the outer banks.  You've just got to protect that skin as much as possible.

4. Breathable and Light

With the first 3 features being so important, every angler looking for a performance shirt also needs it to be light and breathable.  You've got to stay cool out on the water, not overheat and bake in the sun.  STAY HYDRATED!  

So that's why we love our performance fishing apparel.  It's breathable, light, controls moisture, keeps the bugs off your skin, and protects from harmful UV rays.  

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