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What if tracking says my item arrived but it didn't?

First step is contact the carrier to find out where your package is.  We see this a lot.  In most cases, the item was placed on the wrong doorstep or was held by the carrier for some reason.  It often ends up showing up after some time.  Please check your surrounding homes if the package arrived by mistake.  We give 10 days before sending out a replacement once determined the item is lost.  To be considered a lost item, the tracking must continue to show "In Transit".  If it says "Delivered", we have to leave that between you and the carrier to figure out.


What if my package was stolen?

If your package was stolen we ask you provide your ring camera footage or proof of a police report in order to receive a replacement.  We don't do refunds in this case, only store credit or a replacement item.  Harsh, we know, but as a small business, we've got to protect ourselves.  Don't be mad at us!  Be mad at the thief who swiped the package off your porch!

What if I get the wrong item?

We'll fix it, no question.  That's on us and we'll take care of everything.  Just email us and it'll get sorted out!


What if I have a damaged item?

We ask that you email us and send a photo of the damaged item.  We like to keep a record of this so we can go back to our vendors and say "what the heck".  We'll take care of you with a replacement!